Gsender Error when pausing

Hello All, I am having some issue with Gsender when i pause my job, fix the issue I made… lol restart it then pause again fix the issue then start it, some time later i get an Error that pop up then thing go off path, BUT if i do not pause it and let it run thru the job there is no issue.
I am running on the new 1.2.2

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Jerry Long

@long1098 I’ve moved your post to the gSender topic, Jerry. I believe that it will get more attention here.

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I’ve had the same problem with my last cut. It stopped up on an vcarve letter “1”. Every time I restarted with another file. Yes, in the same exact spot on the same letter “1”. I was working on a lid for an urn for a friend of ours.

The lettering was full of “1” letters. I had to create gcode that skipped the letter “1”, and then rebuild the “1” in a similar font. Just to be sure, I converted all of the letter “1” into curves before saving the gcode. That worked without error with a slight problem on the “1” that I had already started cutting.

I have photos. I don’t have time to display / document the problem right this moment, but it has made me rethink going back to version 1.2.1. I don’t want another stressful nail-biter like this.

The kicker is that I had just finished a test cut of the same exact file, but scaled slightly smaller to fit an available piece of stock!