Gsender file will not load

I select a file from the drop down box and nothing happens. i tried several files that i had used recently. any help would be appreciated. thank you in advance.

@pjrogers Welcome to the group, Paul.

What type of files are you trying to load - .gcode, .tap, etc ?

yes. gcode. it shows the file but does nothing when i select it.

@pjrogers Post it here if you like and others here can see if they can load it into gSender.

which gender version?
1.2.2 edge behaved liked this for me

Which version you’re running, which OS, and the file itself are all useful in helping determine what might be going wrong here :+1:

I had to uninstall g sender and reload it. When i tried to load a file in g sender, the files would show on the drop down. But when i selected one to load, nothing would happen.

@pjrogers Did uninstalling and re-installing solve your problem?

It would still be helpful if you would reply to @KGN 's questions.