gSender Goto button Poll

Ok, we’re toying with some new layout ideas for gSender and are looking to get feedback from users. The question is:

Do you ever use ‘goto X0’ or ‘goto Y0’ individually or do you normally just jump straight to using ‘goto XY0’? Let us know!

  • I use ‘goto X0’ and ‘goto Y0’ individually
  • I only really use ‘goto XY0’ and not the individual ones

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I know it does not answer the poll but as a request… where the Z axis has been measured previously by probe or touching off the stock; could the goto selection include XY and Z?

EDIT: I forgot to add that I really like the gSender user interface and its very slick operation. :+1:

Glad you’re enjoying gSender jepho! Are you wondering about a ‘goto XYZ0’ button?

Hi Chris. Yes, I can see a use for the Z height to be included but it may be because I have some non-standard methods of working. I think a goto XYZ0 button could work, where the controller stores the previous position. I made a mistake in feed rate for the piece of work I have in the show off category. I had to drop out of MacOs and reboot into Bootcamp to access the Windows side and Carveco Maker so that I could correct my error. When booting back to MacOs, it would have been lovely if the cutter would have sat at the correct starting height too.

I also really like gsender! Does everything I need to do.

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Is there any use for a radio button choice? With sticky choices?

GOTO _ ◎-X _ ◉-Y _ ◉-Z

It would need to be done with check boxes. Check boxes permit multiple selections. Radio buttons tend to be for selecting exclusive choices

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I’m trying not to be technical when being creative! :smiley:

Now, I’m wondering how many problems would occur with multiple-choices! (I know @chrismakesstuff and @KGN grimaced when they read my post! :smiley: )

Those of you using single-axis X/Y go to buttons: What use case specifically do you need it for? Is it mostly a factor of personal workflow or something else?


I use the “go to XY” most of the time but occasionally I’ll use the single-axis XY on circles or irregular-shaped stock. I don’t know if it is just a habit I developed when learning or what.

Why are you thinking of getting rid of it?

We aren’t, per se. We’re looking at areas with duplicated functionality through the UI and seeing what’s necessary and what might be redundant. If it’s a case of “this gives you more options but the majority of users go with the more convenient option”, we can look at removing it. If it’s going to fundamentally break someone’s workflow, we’d like to avoid that - which is why we’re asking the community here and on the Facebook group for more informed decisions.


Hi Kevin. I think being able to do similar things from many different points in the software is not a bad thing in and of itself. I have a lot of software that offers the user many routes to achieving the same objective. As one learns any particular piece of software, the shortcuts and optional methods tend to get more use. I occasionally use the single goto when wanting to check my positioning on the workpiece in one plane only. That appears to me to be a good thing ™ and I suppose I would prefer to keep the option. If that creates an unnecessary coding overhead or interface confusion, then removal is likely to be a worthwhile pursuit. As it stands, I find the gSender interface, accessibility of functions and clarity just outstanding. Had this software been available to me when I first started my CNC journey, I believe that I would have made a more rapid progression to my current state of knowledge.


Thanks for the input everyone! We’ll be making considerations with the feedback you’ve given and hope that to share them with you in the coming weeks :cowboy_hat_face: