Gsender Import Issue (maybe)

I set up my material in Vcarve PRO ( zero position bottom left corner, Datam center, material thickness, etc. )

When I import it into gSender and auto touch plate the position, gSender positions (xyz graph) in the middle of the project (endmill) it usually positions it like I’ve set it up in Vcarve, (lower left corner)

I’ve put several hrs surfacing and prepping my material and want to make sure I didn’t do something wrong that’s going to mess up the material. I’ve never seen gSender put the xyz center starting position in the middle of the material.

Any advice would be helpful.

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@RicP - Ric, the datum position is telling VCarve and gSender that is where you want your carving to start. You can zero in the corner but then gcode will send the router to the middle where you set your datum point when you hit start. That’s why gSender is showing you where it will start. If you want to start lower left set your datum to lower left.


Simple enough fix. Thanks 4 your help, just wanted to make sure, cheers.

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@RicP Since @Heyward43 resolved your issue, I’m closing this thread. Don’t hesitate to open a new one if you have further issues.

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