Gsender Interface

I saw somewhere where a guy had his gsender on the screen and it appeared to have a graphical representation unlike my blueprint wire looking graphics. It looked like a simulation from a CAD software but im sure it was gsender. Am i missing an option somewhere?

Hey @Chaosweaver,

Did it look something like this?

Kinda, i think it was textured. Lightweight mode I presume?

Is it possible that they were using our Edge version instead of the Main version? We’ve added an SVG visualizer to Edge, that may be what you were seeing.


Following up on Stephens answer, the only two modes that alter how the visualizer works is SVG mode, which displays it as a flat image, or laser mode, which accounts for burn opacity.

If you saw a full 3d rendering, that’s not (currently?) a functionality built into gSender.

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