gSender missing info

I know this is captain obvious but I’m going to post it anyway

48x30 is missing

Also, I’m kind of surprised there isn’t a drop-down for other where you can manually enter the numbers

Might be a way to do it but that’s where I would have expected to see it

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We’ll be adding profiles for the extension kits in the next build.

There is no need for a way to manually input numbers since the machine profile mostly informs the firmware tool what to use for flashing/default EEPROM now, and just shows the currently set EEPROM value for dimensions.

You should be able to customize the EEPROM dimensions in the firmware tool to the correct dimensions in the meantime if you have the extension kit - $130, $131, and $132 are the relevant settings. We’ll make sure there’s an easier route in the future.


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Yes good spot @Menglor, profiles were missed adding for various reasons but are now there and machine profiles now moved to firmware tool to reflect the direct tie that presets and firmware have to one another :+1: