gSender Probing with XYDatum at lower end right corder


Is it possible to probe with an XY Datum set a lower end right corner?


@fortis67 Welcome to the group. :grinning:

This has been discussed before and, at present, the probe module in gSender only allows XY0 to be in the left front corner. I believe Sienci may be looking at making it possible to use other corners. In the meantime, it’s quite simple to write a macro to use any of the other corners. If you are interested, DM me and we can go from there.

I will look at the macro alternative.

Thanks a lot!

@fortis67 I have the macro written for the front right corner but will not have access to the PC that it is on until tuesday evening. If no one else has posted it, I’ll get back to you then.

@fortis67 I’ve sent you a private message, Stephane.

Just to update, as of gSender versions 1.4.#, probing to any material corner is now natively supported without needing custom macros! Hope everyone enjoys and thanks for the feedback :slight_smile: