Gsender question

I had a setup that was supposed to cut a profile in 5 passes. The sender tried to cut it in one pass and broke a 1/8 " bit. Now i have reworked the file to use a 1/4" bit and although it says it is connected on com3 at the top of thescreen within the visualizer it says disconnected. I also cannot jog the machine or use the probe for setup. What am I missing?

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@Wascally I’ve moved your question to the gSender board. There, it will likely get more attention.

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Steve, you didn’t mention your design software; which is the source of gcode being sent to your machine.

The gcode is what is determining the “… cut a profile in 5 passes…”

You might want to attach a copy of the gcode file.

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I am using VCarve Desktop. The issue with trying to cut in one pass instead of 5 was generated in version 11.0 and I generated the file that has the connection issue out of version 11.503. I am working off my phone. When I get back to my laptop I will send a copy of the gcode.

I’m not sure if you just started with Vcarve Desktop, but when you Save and select a post-processor, you are making the gcode file. If you don’t use a post that will work with your machine, you could have these kind of problems (or at least some kind of problem.) You’ll need to check whether those things are correctly chosen.

Also, just to cover another base, you might have forgotten to recalculate a toolpath after making some changes (like number of passes.)

Normally, gcode is going to be saved in a manner of your choosing in Vcarve Desktop. It might not be the gcode you expect, but its going to save something for gSender to execute. Executing gcode is all gSender does.

Thanks to all that responded. I eventually restarted my laptop that was running gsender and then it would talk to my machine.

Prototype of a trivet.

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