GSender resizing my carve?

My Board is 24"x24" and my carve is 21"x23" so it should fit, right? However, when I run outline it is indicating that my carve is larger than my board. This has happened several times ruining some very expensive wood. Has anyone else experienced this issue? Is it a setting I can adjust?

Is gSender set for you machine? In Settings.

It sounds like you don’t have this problem normally. Do you have any parts that cut the way they are designed?

If it isn’t your machine, then how are you generating the gcode for the parts that are giving you problems?

@Dallas I’m confused, Dallas. Since the outline feature does not cut anything, what is happening that is ruining your expensive wood?

Sorry, let me clarify. I was not using the outline function and the bits kept travelling outside my wood. It was only when I did start to use outline that I realized what was happening. It only impacts designs that come close to my borders. I use Vetric Desktop to create my gcode.

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@Dallas If you like, post your .crv file and I can look at it in VCarvePro to see if I can find something to help you out.