gSender Surfacing Inconstancies

Hello Again!!! …lol.
Hoping someone can help me out…

gSender Surfacing

Input all my XYZ measurements
(see attached images)

cut depth & max: .5mm - 1.5mm

if you reference the images, you can see that it’s cutting 8mm (ish)

there was a slight bow in the material but nothing that would warrant this drastic a pass…

Can anyone tell me what I’m doing incorrectly?

Thanks 4 the Help IN advance.

How did you set your Z-zero?

Manually, with paper.

If you jog your Z 10mm, does it actually move 10mm?
If so, can you share the resulting gcode for the facing op?

I have calibrated all axis a while back, yes I believe it’s jogging is true.
I’m not sure what you mean about sending the gcode,
Sorry, very new to the CNC world.

You can get the G-code from the surfacing tool by clicking on “G-code Viewer” at the top right of the surfacing window. You can then copy to clipboard and paste it into a plain text file. Then you can drag and drop the text file into a post to share it. That way someone can look at the code and see if that’s the problem.


Here you go…

Gcode.txt (4.0 KB)

From what I can tell the G-code looks correct. It looks like 3 passes each at 0.5mm for a total depth of 1.5mm. Maybe @NeilFerreri will see something I missed.

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Gcode looks ok.
What machine do you have and what’s your $102 value?

I have the Longmill MkI
Not sure what you mean by $102 value

It almost seems like a buggy control box or a virus (which I’m not sure could be a thing)

While I was writing the post my router actually moved on the X axis by itself… Thought it was Strange…

Thanks everyone for trying to figure this out, just new into CNC and it’s been a frustrating journey, this forum has helped tremendously.


$102 is the setting for Z axis steps per mm, it’s how far the motor has to rotate to move the axis 1 millimeter.

The setting can be accessed with the firmware tool. The default for your LongMill is 200 steps/mm. You can also see the settings by typing $$ in the console and the console will display all the firmware settings. You can change a setting in the firmware tool or with the console. For example entering $102=200 in the console would set 102 to 200.

If your interested in learning more about settings, G-codes or error codes I have some resources that I use.

Firmware settings
G-code reference
Alarms and error codes

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This is excellent information, thank you.
I’ll look into this.

@RicP Did you get this issue sorted out?

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Yes. Well, not figured out, but my machine has been running well since.
I think I’ll chalk it up to Operator Error, Although I’m not sure what I could have done, but will monitor future projects.
thanks for your help…