Gsender to get/parse tool diameter from Gcode and


on toolchange topic:

it would be really neat if Gsender could get/parse a line from Gcode and insert it in msg dialog box on
tool change (when M6 is called) , so it would say for ie. T3 - 3.175.

Since most of CAM softwares supports features like adding custom comments it could be used to pass tool diameter or any other message to Gsender. You could perhaps use some tag after parenthesis like ‘msg’ to indicate that following is a string to be used as a message for dialog (in conjunction with macros)

I really think that would be extra useful not just for toolchange, but also perhaps for some other operations that operator should be informed/warned about.

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Welcome, and good idea.

Thanx Mike,

i’we spend few days trying to figure out how to parse tool diameter to gsender to no avail. Suggested method could perhaps solve same troubles for other people i believe.

I think/hope this is in the works

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Just clarifying what exactly you’re looking for here.

Currently, gSender will emit any comments on the line the M6 appears on - since some post processors annotate the specific tool information on the line (EG M6 T10 ; 1/4" endmill). This appears in the toolchange toast or dialog box.

Did you want a way to emit messages from comments in general apart from M6? Or just a way to associate T commands with actual bit dimension?


Ah ok, great, seems i have overlooked “;” as a comment, i was trying with parenthesis, my mistake. :man_facepalming:

It would be good i think, if you could perhaps enable user to display certain message from comments inside gcode (perhaps in visualizer by the edge somewhere) i.e. of the current operation if he chooses to, something like (current op: Profile 2)

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I’m not seeing the comment in the toolchange toast. Here’s a commit (forgive my bad javascript null/empty string handling) that does show the comment in the toolchange toast: