gSender v1.1.2 X0 off by 1/2 bit diameter

gSender v1.1.2
Finally added inductive sensors, return to X0 was off before this change.
Changed EEPROM settings per video for sensors. Soft limits would only let me move a short distance in X and Y so turned that off again and restarted everything.
ALSO turned on “Report In Inches”
Probe bottom left corner of material
Move gantry to random position
Return to XY zero, Y is right on, X is off in the -X direction by half the diameter of the bit used to probe, 1/4" bit. 1/4" V-bit had same results, 1/8" off 0,0 in the -X direction.
Turned “report In Inches” off, re-started everything, re-probed XYZ with 1/4" bit. X0=1/4 of bit diameter (1/16") in -X direction when I hit return to XY zero.
Any settings I need to fix?

Im so glad to hear that someone else is having the same issue as me. Ive not heard anything back from Sienci about a whole host of issues including this one

@Pkaser Have you opened a support ticket? If not, you should.

Yep, but ive heard nothing back

Tinkered with this a little more this morning.
Re-flashed grbl firmware with gSender
Left default firmware settings after re-flash
Changed gSender workspace units to mm
Soft and hard limits off
G56 workspace
Probed with 1/4" Vbit 0.248 diameter
After probe, gSender returned to X= -0.5334 mm, Y= 4.445 mm
Hit return to XY0
Y=off by -0.254
Changed gSender workspace units to inches
Changed firmware to report in inches
Soft and hard limits off
Re-probed with same bit
gSender did not return to zero, returned to X= -0.021"
Y= +0.175"
Hit return to XY0
Y= off by -0.010
Re-flash seemed to help the X0 but Y0 is still off but a lot closer.
New issue though is gSender does not return to XY0 after probing