GSender won't connect to Longmill

Can’t get GSender to see my Longmill. I have a newer Mac with “C” style usb ports which requires using an adapter . I downloaded “Arduino IDE” to update drivers as recommended. Both that program and the Mac System Report see the Arduino Uno (Longmill) when I plug in; the cabling doesn’t seem to be the issue. I’m out of ideas and neither the Sienci website or this forum have any suggestions as to a path forward.

@rythmik Welcome, Mike. You could write books about what I do not know about Mac, so I’m grasping a bit here.

If you open serial monitor in the arduino ide, can you send commands to the Uno?

What communication speed setting have you set in arduino ide? Be sure to set the communication speed in gSender to the same.

That’s about all I’ve got. If no one here comes up with a solution, send a support request to Sienci. I’m sure that they will be able to solve this.

It appears I can send commands except since I don’t speak “!@#$%” I don’t know what to tell it. I typed “abc” and got error 2…

It is listing baud rate 9600 so I changed GSender to that from 115200. Still no connection.

@rythmik The default baud rate in the gSender firmware is 115200. You should be able to set serial console to that rate and type $$ and get a reply.