Gsender z axis dives down when zeroing

Twice today gsender dove down into my project. First time i was using touchplate as always and it touched on z fine then went to x and drove down into touchplate before it got to the edge. 2nd time i was manually zeroing z when it just took off and plunged into work again. Both times i had to shut everything down to stop it. Any ideas?

As a regular routine, I always press the stop button to set the controller back to its default settings. Then go ahead with the touch plate zeroing.

Do you have the newest version installed? We found a bug pertaining to this in 0.6.7 that’s since been fixed

If you’re having the issue in 0.6.8 then perhaps there’s something that’s been missed?

@Billkelley05 I don’t have a solution to your issue, Bill, but I just noticed your post - 5 days late - and wanted to welcome you to the group. As you’ve already seen, questions are acknowledged quickly and solutions put forward.

I myself am running in a Homing configuration. ($23=1)

I have multiple times had the system Home Z, then Fail trying to Home X,

  • Even when I play with the switches, it makes the first attempt at homing to the X (I don’t believe it always tries the Y)

I reset and re-try again , and 4 times out of 10, it just continues and I never see the problem again.

I am trying to reproduce the problem so I can report it. because I have no clue what triggers it.

I dont know if its related, it sounds like your probing, and I am homing. but I wanted to plant the seed I am seeing some odd behaviour.

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