Half way thru a run. My machine loses its position

Problems with half way thru a job my cnc loses where it is suppose to be . what is on gsender is not the same where the router is on the board. trying to put the H over where is already started making the o.

Probably going to need more info in order to help you. You mention an ‘H’ and an ‘o’ so I’ll make some assumptions that may be wrong. You are trying to cut a word, maybe Home, and it is orientated the way you could read it along the X axis.

If this is the case and it’s putting one letter on top of the other then it sounds like the X axis is losing position. I’ve had this happen and the problem was the coupler between the X motor and the X lead screw. I would start by making sure it’s not slipping there. It could also be a loose wire to the X motor causing it to loose position.

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Yes just trying a test piece and twice 20 mins into a carve. It carved over the o in home with the h and the gsender marker wasnt the same position as the bit on the board. I will check all those things you mentioned today.

would the z axis sensor do that. It was loose. Just trying to check everything before i Fire it up again

I don’t think the Z axis sensor is related to the problem but catching anything loose before it becomes a problem is a good thing.

Good luck, I hope the carve comes out good.

something is very wrong. after i auto tune the zero. it started to do it first pass. the x axis paused. so i stoped then tried to return to 0 and it way off what i started with.