Help please. Is this feature or shortcut in Gsender?

Is there a feature or something in Gsender that causes continuous jogging when double-clicking? If so how can I disable it? I can not always control my fingers when clicking. Arthritis sometimes turns a single click into a triple or quadruple click causing the router to start jogging in whatever direction I was clicking. It is really bad when clicking down on the Z axis to position it for zeroing. A couple of bits have been retired due to this.


@Swinly FWIW, on mine, a double click cause the axes to move twice the distance set in gSender. Triple click moves three times that setting. So, for example, if I have gS set to rapid mode, with each XY move set to 10mm, a double click will move 20mm. There is no continuous.

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I don’t know if it is continuous or not. That was just me guessing. I am able to hit stop on some that end up moving X and Y. They may have stopped on their own after traveling 10, 20 30… I don’t know. After the first few times, they ran into the sides, I started hitting the big stop. This last time, yesterday, it happened while traveling down on the Z. It had run into the table and still trying to move until I was able to hit stop, The bit snapped. After I hit stop, gsender was registering it was moving down on the Z axis still. It was at -57 inches by the time I hit stop on Gsender

If that is what is happening then how do I disable the extra travel from double clicks? For added info, I always keep mine on Normal or Precise and never have used rapid…

@Swinly I don’t know, Lonnie. Maybe someone else can join in. The problem would be somehow determining when a double click is intentional and when it is inadvertent. There are general Windows settings that address this, I believe, but changing them would affect all the programs that you are running under Windows, not just gS.

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I’ve had this happen randomly as well, so I don’t think it is a feature. I’m definitely pressing the jog buttons multiple times in quick succession to adjust position so if it were a simple double click it would happen much more often.

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Yeah, I’m out in the shop now trying to recreate the issue and I’m not able to. I don’t know what is causing it, I assumed It was my twitchy hands being the culprit. All I know for sure is it happens when I’m jogging in XY or Z and it takes off in whatever axis I was jogging last.

It doesn’t happen often but it does happen