Holding down Material

Like the rest of you I’ve been trolling through what seems like a quagmire of ways to hold down work onto the wasteboard. I’ve had some great results with various type of clamping mechanisms and I’ve also had a few disasters! A couple which have modified some of my clamps into very specialist tools for rare applications. I was watching a Video by Mark Lindsay about a trick that he had come across from someone else. Here’s the link: A Secure CNC Mounting Technique - NO DOUBLE SIDED TAPE! - YouTube Well worth a watch!

I’ve been using this technique for a few weeks and its brilliant.

Step 1: span some tape across the waste board

Step 2: Make sure its stuck down

Step 3: Add masking tape to back of project

Step 4: put glue on the tape on the waste board and accelerator on the tap on the project and stick them to each other and run your program

Step 5: pop it off with a spatula and away you go

I find it fast and a whole less stressful than using clamps.


It is a great way to hold things. I’ve been using it for a long time to attached bowl blanks to waste blocks. It removes cleaner than double-sided tape.

One note of caution. If the tape you use is thin, the CA can and will seep through it and glue the tape to the work. DAMHIKT. Not fun.

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Brad, this is what I use when double-sided tape won’t cut it. It helps to use some kind of alignment pins or blocks to get your stock parallel to both axes since once the two pieces are placed together, they’re together.

@Grant Thanks for that tip, I’ll keep an eye on it!

@BillKorn Good one to know I think. I tried dbl sided tape once upon a time on a project and had no luck at all. Probably poor quality tape but I’ve given up in despair. I’ve got a piece of timber screwed to the wasteboard that helps me eyeball the timber whilst aligning…seems to work okay.

I’m getting reasonably quick at taping gluing spraying (pride before a fall no doubt)

Brad: If you ever feel the need to try out double sided tape again, look for “turner’s tape” or “turning tape”. Lee Valley, for one, sells it. Turners use it to hold blanks onto waste blocks. The downside of this stuff is that it leaves a sticky residue, but it is easily removed with alcohol or goo gone. The other downside is that it is so strong that thin pieces can be damaged trying pull it apart. It does hold, though. :slightly_smiling_face:


Wow, I’ve never heard of that brand but will keep an eye out the next time I’m in Canada. The shipping and taxes are a killer on anything from Lee Valley (doesn’t stop me from ordering their catalogue every couple a years though) and we don’t have an equivalent over here. So it’ll go on the shopping list for later :wink: