Homing Button not Available

Hi there. I have a generic DIY CNC running FluidNC on a MKS DLC32 board with gSender. All works great but… Although I have limit switches installed and the machine homes on startup from gSender the actual “Home” panel is not available.
My $22 is enabled in FluidNC with “Must_home”=TRUE.

Any suggestions on how to get it there? Im using a macro currently

Thnx guys! Great piece of simplistic software!!

Absolutely no reply from the support team ? :roll_eyes:

  1. We don’t support fluidNC as a firmware officially.

  2. $22 is functionally the same as must_home but since fluidNC doesn’t actually use/report $ values for EEPROM gSender doesn’t know that, because 1), and will not display the homing functionality

  3. The only way I’ve seen to get around this for the UI side was modifying the firmware itself to send fake parseable EEPROM results: Add support for FluidNC · Issue #143 · Sienci-Labs/gsender · GitHub

  4. You could also just use the hotkeys or a macro to send the homing command even if the UI button isn’t available

  5. This isn’t something we’re looking to change at the moment, again because of 1)