How to indicate in material for Longmill

I was looking for a good way to attach a dial indicator to the router on the Longmill to indicate in a piece of wood parallel to either the X or Y axis. You can’t use a magnetic base on it because it’s not magnetic, except for the collet nut, which is too small. There isn’t really enough room to put a shaft with an indicator in the collet, even with the Z axis all the way up. I wondered if any of you had any ideas on how to do this.

Sounds like you’re looking at “tramming”. Youtube has a number of videos on the topic…

Yes, I understand the concept of “tramming”, but my question is, how or where can I mount a dial indicator in or on the router to do this?

Could you put a “metal blank” in the router and attach/fasten the dial indicator to that?

Maybe, but I’d probably have to redneck engineer it and fasten it with some tape to the metal blank.

You could always glue a suitably sized washer on and use it to attach your magnetic base to.

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