How's it going "eh" or is it "A"?

This one is from a direct request from the Chair of the Finance Committee (wifey). It is made from 2x4 construction grade pine lumber, jointed, planned and laminated to a single board about 1.5" thick. Used a 1/8" rouging and 60 degree V-bit for the carving (Lee Valley). The beveled edge was done on a table saw after being cut out using a 1/4" bit. The Chair’s endorsement of the result is resulting in additional and similar requests. Happy Wife, Happy Life.


Nicely done, S. Can you please tell me how long this took, and how big the g-code file was?

Heya gwilki, thanks! The cut took a little over 3 hours; roughing file is 218KB and the detail file is 3.526MB. Layout was done using Easel. Cut depth was 5mm. Graphic source (svg) was:

You can find the whole alphabet in there in this particular design.


Tks much, S. I asked about the size, as one of the factors that can give UGS grief is a large g-code file. I’ve not had one as large as your detail file yet, so I am starting to think that I can scratch that off my cause list.

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Beautiful work. Hope the finance chair liked it LOL


That’s quite the A there, eh? :wink: