Hunting Blind Sign

This is my 2nd project. Made with Cherry.
1/4" downcut for roughing, 60 degree V for detail, and some black spray paint.


@Chaosweaver So you hit it with black spray paint and then sanded a little? Looks really great!

Yep, unintentionally at first but the weathered look is what the customer likes so win win.

Intentionally or not I think the black left behind adds character and fits the purpose of the sign. Nice job!

You may already know this but, since you said it was unintentional at first, if you put polyurethane on before carving and painting it’s easier to get the clean look in my experience.

Good idea thanks. Heres another project, took 10 hours but i can optimize it next time.


Projects getting better.


I only recently got hold of my longmill and I am looking at your signs with a tiny bubble in the corner of my mouth. I love to get into this kind of work.

I just moved in with my love, and she requested a door sign with my name added. She likes the weathered look too, so I am going to experiment with oops-paintjobs.

Love your work and hope to get similar results soon.

Thanks for sharing, it’s inspiring (and a little bit intimidating), to say the least

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Hi Eddie, I also just started. These are not bad at all to make. Do you use Carveco Maker? If so I could send you the files.

I picked up the 8 piece set from Amana. the spectra bits. For a sign like the porsche one, I think I only used the 1/4" down mill and the tapered ball nose to get into the tight corners.

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Here’s my weathered look, it was an accident but I liked it and it sold.

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I use vcarve desktop version for now. I don’t have any ball-nose bits yet. I needed to obtain a 1/4" collet. I ordered my makita local, so it would work with 240V, but didn’t realize the collet would differ 0.35 mm from the US ones.

It has just arrived, so now I feel safe to get me some 1/4" bits to go with it. This is the reason why I went straight to playing with my laser module that needed mounting too.

Now I need to relocate the spanners to release the collet in my makita and i am good to go play sign maker.

Thanks for the offer. Much appreciated.