I have not been able to do anything in my shop at all

My Mother in Law Is still in the hospital. She cannot walk freely yet because of the problems she had from being in the ICU in Jan. Plus to boot they are going to do an MRI to see if she has developed some severe arthritis in her right hip. So she is still in Freeport here in town. Its for recovery and physiotherapy. That is really slow though with the pain she is in. On top of that worry the hospital has now stopped all visitations even for immediate family.

Add to that I now am tearing apart their only bathroom to make it easier for her. Its their only one. I am putting in a curbless shower and heated floor for them. Its not fun. She is also anemic because of kidney damage from the Strep A bacterial infection she suffered when we got back from Cuba. To say we have been busy is beyond.

She is in a better position now but its still very difficult. especially since we will not be able to visit her.
That breaks our heart.


Few things are harder and more rewarding than looking after family in bad times. I hope she gets better soon. Please pass on our best wishes.

We cannot visit now because of restrictions now because of the COvid 19 risks. The hospital shut all visitation down.

I can truly understand your frustration, Greg. My wife is not permitted to see her Mother.

All the best.