Ikenna's marshmallow challenge

During his livestream of yesterday evening, @Ikenna launched a challenge of sorts to laser burn a marshmallow. I accepted the challenge. Here is the Sienci logo in marshmallow. If nothing else, the project left me with a very nice smelling woodshop.


I am sorry Grant, but you cant start a challenge with a perfect shot. So I would say that the logo is not perectly centered. -1 :upside_down_face:

So my question Grant, did you eat the marshmallow? Good job sir!

@JHahn Good eye. :grinning: I had a little problem finding the exact centre of the marshmallow. It seems that it is not a perfect cylinder. Who knew?

@Jake I’ve not eaten this one yet, Jake. I did eat a couple of other “tests” - one with a heart and one with a star. Yummy. :grinning:

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How well does chocolate raster? :thinking:

@KalebMannion I’ve carved chocolate with a v-bit,but I’ve never tried a laser on it. I wouldn’t expect good results,but I bet the smell would be great. :grinning:

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Wow! Good job on branding the fluff, Grant!

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