Import fees for delivery?


I was excited to hear that my order has shipped, until two days before delivery i was sent an email stating I needed to complete a fee payment before receiving my package.

A $94.95 import delivery fee. (US citizen here)

Has anyone else had to pay this? Is this common? I wasn’t expecting another $100 to be thrown into this project, but I also have never made a big purchase from another country.

I have yet to pay and delivery date is Monday. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

That’s normal. The amount varies a little. I had to pay seventy something.

Thank you for the quick response! I will jump on this payment so I can pick it up Monday.

UPS Brokerage fees and government taxes. Us Canadians have been hit with this from UPS for years when ordering from US.

I have to point out its not just UPS. Its every shipping company out there that chargers brokerage fees. The taxes you pay on the import either into Canada or the US are constant. That will never change.

It makes sense. It was all new to me and caught me off guard. I will definitely take this into consideration when Sienci could out with their own 8’x4’ monster and have to save up for the tax portion

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