Inexpensive laptop for Longmill

Just assembled my Longmill the other day, and I was wondering if someone could recommend a good small and inexpensive laptop that I could mount next to my Longmill that still has enough memory to run Carbide Create, and Universal G-code Sender.

Go to best buy and get an open box one! Doesn’t matter which one they would all work well for you. Can get a decent I3 under $400 or even less. Just make sure its not an E reader.

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Newegg sells refurbished laptops. You can get a basic one for as low as around $100 or so, depending on options. I’ve bought my last several laptops that way. Only problem I ever had was a crappy battery, but if you’re running your machine on it, you’ll be plugged in anyway.

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If something goes wrong with it though you have to ship it back. At a store you can take it back and they will try to fix it there for you.

It doesn’t have to be a very powerful machine - I used my laptop from 2010 and it ran the machine Ok, had an older i5 with 4 Gb of ram.

I have an older desktop about the same age out there right now - most inexpensive laptops have pretty low-res screens. I had an old 4:3 monitor that displays UGS perfectly, and the desktop handles the long mill easily.

I’d stay away from a Mac probably - I had a 2015 MacBook Pro I7 with 16gb of ram, a pretty good machine, and UGS sapped the battery fast. I think its more a Java performance problem than anything - but it will work a Mac a lot hard than a windows machine it seems.


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Check EBay, you can find some good used laptops there. Heck, I have an old dell laptop that has been collecting dust, the battery and keyboard are bad. So I just keep it plugged in and use another keyboard. I formatted the hard drive and loaded software needed for designing jobs and running the CNC. It woks just fine. I also have 2 desktop computers in case the laptop decides to die. Last month I gave a laptop to my daughter-in-law. I even put one up for free on FaceBook. Somebody came by and picked it up. I was a little bit of a computer hoarder. I am down to only 3 now. The computer does not have to be fancy, or new. As long as it runs good.

I forgot to mention my iPad. Ha! Ha!

Anyone look at Chromebooks with a USB?

Are you saying that you can run UGS on your ipad? How is that even possible?

A refurbished laptop from Bestbuy or Staple is good idea. Chose not less than i5 and 8GB RAM.