Input voltage range?

@chrismakesstuff Quick question about the PSU for the LM Controller. What is the input voltage range and what is the current requirement?

Is it 24V only or is it 24V-48V for example? How many amps?



Found the answer in the Wiki:

Technical specs
Input voltage

The LongBoard has an operating voltage range of 12V to 48V. Most LongMills come standard with a 24V power supply.

The input voltage to the drivers can impact the performance of your machine. For more info, check out these articles:

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The LongBoard also comes with an Arduino UNO as the β€œbrains” of the controller. The Arduino UNO requires a 5V input from the computer to operate correctly. In some instances, the UNO can operate at a voltage of 3.3V but some of the output voltages (such as for the limit switches or spindle control) may not work correctly.
Input current

The LongBoard can draw up to 16A. However, by default, they are set to draw up to 8.8A. You can directly adjust the minimum and maximum current draw of each driver using the potentiometer found on each driver. More info can be found here:

The Arduino UNO can draw up to 500mA from your computer USB port.