Is there a continuous jog shortcut?

Hi there,
Just tried to use the logitech wireless controller. Had a rough start because the supplied batteries were almost dead and I didn’t know it.
So, now that I installed newer batteries (I mention this because the symptoms of low batteries are what some people describe thinking their controller is not working right) and now that its working better, I notice I cannot continuous jog. I don’t see a shortcut for it. Even when I use the arrow keys on the keyboard I have to repeatedly press the arrow to get it to move. Shortcuts should be able to mimmick what the graph can do on gsender but yet I do not see a continous jog. Or am I missing something?
There are two operations when you press the button. Button clicking briefly would move the distance specified in the text box by the user. Holding the button down overrides the text box and moves the x&y continously. So that means it is performing two operations but yet that operation cannot be done using the shortcuts.
Or, am I wrong?