Issues with Gsender 1.4.7 and 1.2.2

Ran a job using 1.2.2, 1/16 EM, all worked fine. (using VCarve Desktop)
Upgraded to 1.4.7 and ran several jobs, again all worked fine.
Returned to the job I started above and installed 1/32EM.
After resetting my XY & Z zero, hit Start Job and the machine recognized the change in feed and speed, but went past the right rear corner of the job.
Rechecked my settings in VCarve and in Gsender, all OK, but the same result.
Re-ran the 1/16 EM on the original piece and it worked fine. Reset my Z Zero with the 1/32 EM and it goes past the right rear corner again.
Re-installed 1.2.2 again and now the machine will not probe to the XYZ or Z.
With XYZ probe, after making contact with the touch plate, hit probe and the machine immediately move left and down, then forward and right. At no point does it make contact with the touch plate after the initial contact to ensure connectivity.
While checking Z zero, after initial connectivity check, the machine does not move.
Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

Thank You

Further to my initial post, I connecter the laptop directly to the internet and re-downloaded 1.4.7.
Went to the garage and tried to run the 1/32 toolpath.
Machine went to the upper right corner of the workpiece and kept going.
Deleted and regenerated my G-Code and repositioned the workpiece on the spoilboard, everything worked as intended.
Seams like I corrupted a file on my initial upgrade and somehow got caught in a loop.
All good for now.

@TomT It’s good to hear that you resolved your issue.

I’ve moved your topic from the category to the question category and closed the topic as solved.