Issues with router automatically going through wood and not moving

I am trying to do my first carve and I am having issues. When I select start job it drills straight through the board and does not move. Please help!!

@Barraza Welcome to the group, Robert.

I am confident that there will be many people here jumping in to help. However, to do so, they need much more information. I’ll start the questionning. :grinning: In no particular order:

  1. What CAD/CAM software are you using to generate your gcode?

  2. I assume that you are using gSender as your code sender since you posted in this topic.

  3. What CNC machine are you running?

  4. Does it have limit switches/

  5. How did you define XYZ0 in your CAD/CAM software? Especially, where did you set Z0?

  6. How did you set Z0 in gSender? Did you use the touchplate or set by eye?

  7. Where did you set Z0 in gSender - top of material, top of spoilboard?

  8. Finally, for now, what post processor did you select in your CAD/CAM software.

  9. Can you post your project file and gcode?

I realize that this may seem like a lot of questions. However, knowing this information will help the members here to address your problem. Without this information, we will all be guessing.


since it’s your first time …and I still sometimes test this way - do a dry run with no bit or the router raised high enough (router does not have to be on) and see how she moves. If it doesn’t look right - no damage done and a chance to correct it.

In general the procedure I use is a s follows

set workpiece
find starting point (corner/center - however your going to do it.) move the bit to that starting point and the router down till its touching a piece of paper (can’t pull it out from the bit) then zero x,y,z
raise the router a mm or 2 or 3
send it

in your s/w you should have defined the stating point (a corner or center), and the height of your material, as well as a host of other things such as bits to be used for each tool path, the starting depth/ending depth of each bit/path and certain other tool path parameters such as direction and type of tool path it might be (pocket, drilling,etc).

this is just a general summary and does not include every step I use but just a general overall process - hope that helps a bit


All great advice above.
I always do a dry run, like engraver99 mentioned above, when I am doing a new complicated cut/engrave or, trying something completely new.
Did the same on my very first run after finishing the CNC build.
If you think you have done everything correctly, maybe it could be in the gcode .
Any chance of posting the gcode?