Issues with wireless game controller

I am having issues while using a game controller on g sender. While moving x and y axis with the joystick i am not getting smooth movement. If i hold the joystick down in any direction nothing happens. But if i flick for it, it will move slightly in the right direction. What can i do to solve this?

As far as I know the Joystick isn’t supported, just the buttons for key binds. I’d like to be wrong here as I think the joystick would be nice for jogging if the speed was proportional to the amount you moved the stick.

There is a section on the grbl wiki about it.

@Rooles Have you looked on this page, under Joystick Shortcuts?

The only thing recognized is button presses. Moving the joystick has no effect. What is shown in the grbl wiki is an overview of having analog control. Moving the joystick diagonal creates diagonal movement. And how far you move the stick is speed.

I envision having my left stick control the X and Y simultaneously in any direction at any speed from 0 to a user defined max. The right stick would move the Z axis up and down. This type of movement should be possible.

Whether it’s a good/safe idea is another question I guess.