It might be me of course

i have been trying to run a job i made in CARVECO Maker and sent via UGS. Everything is groovy until i start the job, it goes to the starting point and dives in .69 inches and starts carving. i guess i should be impressed that it can actually make that deep of a plunge and move forward with the job. but the chatter and cry for help (from the machine mostly) makes me kill the job. I’ve tried 4 times and same result. i went back through the tool paths and this number is not anywhere. i lessened the speeds and feeds on everything to no avail…
yesterday i had a job do the same thing. i chalked it up to being such a newb but i have run other jobs and everything went perfectly.
could it be that UGS is not following the commands as entered?


I wouldn’t expect UGS to cause a problem like that. Try running your gcode through NC Viewer // GCode Viewer and Machine Simulator. This will let you know if the problem is in your gcode. The other thing that I would suggest is to double check how you are setting Z0.

I’ve been setting zero by touching paper at in this case the center of the workpiece. The selecting the reset zero option.
The pieces that have messed up were 1.5 inches thick. All the 3/4 and less have been okay. Not sure if that makes any diffo.

I’ll look at the NC Viewer in the AM.

Thank you, I’ll post results. I really appreciate your help.


@W.g Since you’ve done successful projects before, this may be off base, but it sounds like you have Z0 set at the top of the spoil board or the bottom of the material in Carveco and at the top of the material when you set up the cut. I’ve not used Carveco, but it seems to have a lot in common with VCarve. In VC, it’s not too difficult to confuse where Z0 is.

As @paullarson said, it’s not likely that this is a UGS issue, although anything is possible. UGS simply takes the commands in the gcode and sends them to the Mill.

As I put in the title, “it might be me” rings true. After checking everything technical it turns out that I had the Z gantry to high and it hit the stops making zero anybody’s guess.


Thanks fellas for your helpful insights.


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