Joystick 101 - Choosing buttons and combos

Hello. I installed a new xbox wireless joystick (entirely arbitrarily) on my laptop that controls my BobsCNC. I’m hoping to find an intuitive means through which to jog the machine, Home, Probe, and Set 0 on axes. It has two joysticks, a joystick “pad”, four large trigger buttons and some smaller buttons. Of course, X, Y, A B.

I have it working by setting up shortcuts in gSender to the joystick, but there are some behaviors that keep it from meeting my expectation.

  1. There is no continuous jog from the joysticks. Only the small pad.

  2. Trying to use combinations is essentially impossible. I could try to bind a combination 10 times, only being successful once or twice. If I can’t time the release of both to be EXACT, the second to be released is used. If it were only a setup issue, I could live with it, but it happens when trying to invoke the feature, as well.

  3. Have found no way to bind anything to Home or Initiate Probe.

Should I be looking at another solution entirely, such a specialty CNC keypad? It’s super inconvenient to use the laptop.

Thank you.