Just a test project for myself

i just wanted to share something i made for my self it is a work in progress but the long mill held up well. This is hard maple. Let me know what you think


Nice work! Keep it up.

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That looks great. Is the surface as smooth and consistent as it looks?

Can I assume your choice of design means in live in SE PA?

Great result Tristan!

That is FINE. How big is it, Tristan?

Its pretty smooth i had some lines through out it but that was my mistake. I actually live in Ontario but i love me eagles. Its 12inch diameter and 1.5 inch thick.

Fantastic job Tristan. Really great result.

Thanks Chyren was a pain to draw up but worth the effort. Can’t wait to see one of your projects.

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The wife and I will be buying one very soon. any suggestions or help is appreciated as we’re noobs to say the least

@Chyren Welcome to the club, Gary. I think most of us were noobs to CNC when this forum started. You’ll soon see that people are eager and willing to help. While you are waiting for your Mill, I suggest that you take time to watch videos and get on other groups that are dedicated to the software you want to run, or are considering. There seems to be a good mix of software being run here, so you are starting from a good place. Above all, have fun.