Keep laser installed while milling?

Maybe a silly question, but been searching and can’t seem to find an answer. Do you all keep the laser installed when milling other woodwork projects? If so, have you had any issues with keeping laser clean?

I have Mk2 w/ the dust shoe. The dust shoe does a great job of keeping the area clean, but not sure if it’s still safer to remove the laser when doing woodwork.

@smittycm FWIW, I remove my laser when running router projects. It takes seconds to remove it and I don’t need to be concerned about dust or vibration mucking it up. YMMV


Okay… I noticed the wires were quick disconnect and it’s only two bolts, so was thinking I may do the same unless I heard first hand feedback telling me it was completely unnecessary.

Thanks for the response!

@smittycm I don’t think there is a right and wrong here. Your process will depend largely on how often you switch it out and how much of a pain it becomes as a result. I just figured that all that dust and all that vibration can’t be a good thing.