Laser driver always on

Hi all, I have installed my Laserbeam and all my settings are correct. I’ve triple checked all wiring, settings and dip switches. Still, no laser emission.

I am starting to wonder if my Sienci laser driver is preventing me from doing a reset. The manual instructs me to keep everything plugged in, turn the toggle switch off, press reset, and turn toggle back on.

When I turn my toggle off, the power LED stays lit, and the fan keeps spinning. Same thing if I turn the key off or remove the interlock. Is this normal behavior or is this something odd that might be preventing me from doing a reset? I’d love to know if other people’s machine mimic this behavior

Update: seemed to confirm from submitting a ticket that this is abnormal behavior and am currently waiting on a resolution. If anyone else is experiencing the same bug, it won’t let you do the necessary reset and the laser won’t fire.

I had this similar issue when I plugged in the power supply into the laser beam port. Maybe check to see that the cable from the power adapter is going to the port beside the reset switch?