Laser Has To Run Very Slow

To do engraving I have to run the Laser with G2 lens at about 5 inch/minute to get a burn at 100% power. This seems very slow from what I’ve read on Sienci. Is this what others are finding? Using the Vectric Laser Module and Gsender. It seems that what ever speed i use for the Laser in vectric I have to reduce to 20 percent using gsender live. I would really appreciate any feedback from members. Thank you.

Not my experience. I have the Sienci laser and it will engrave well running over 100 in/min depending on the material.

I’d check your dip switch settings and make sure you are on 4 or 5 and give it a try. Sounds like you are on the lowest setting is my guess.

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Thanks Craig. I do have the 4 dip switch on but your point on material is right on. I try a few other types of wood and was able to get my speed up. Appreciate the response.

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