Laser install on my longboard

Can you tell if this laser will i have it hooked up but it only comes on full power

@Dano1 Welcome to the group, Dano.

How are you powering it? The amazon link does not show a power supply.

Have you wired in the PWM control to the Long Mill controller?

What software are you using?

This unit should work, but we need more information concerning what you have done so far.

Hi I’m using Laser GRBL v4.3.0 I just updated to v4.60 I haven’t tied it yet .

Thats the power supply and wiring dia. Thanks for the reply .

@Dano1 The wiring looks good. You need to set $30=1 to turn on laser mode in grbl. This will ensure that the laser is not firing with G0 moves. You should also set $32 to a value. I’ve never used lasergrbl, so I can’t tell you what to set it to. This is a speed variable, but it translates into power with a laser. Default for on our controllers for a router is 3000. I use Lightburn as my laser software and it has setting called SMax. I set it to 1000, and then I set $32 to 1000. The ensures that when I play with the powers in Lightburn, it translates to the same percentage in grbl. I would imagine that lasergrbl has something similar. If grbl and the laser software, in your case, lasergrbl, are not set to the same value, weird things will happen wrt to the power the laser outputs.