Laser installlation

So I am looking at fitting the sienci laser to the long mill. I plan on using lightburn to develop the g code. As the laser will be mounted in front of the router there will obviously be a need for an offset. Is there a setting in gsender or lightburn to accomplish this?

@Mickus In gS, go to settings, spindle/laser. You will see a field to enter the offsets. You will need to determine the offsets yourself. An easy way is to put a v bit in the router. Turn on the router, then lower the bit slowly until it makes the slightest dimple in the spoil board. If you prefer, put a scrap of material under the bit instead. Turn the router off. Set X and Y to 0. Turn on the laser at a focusing power and jog until the laser beam is in the centre of the dimple you made. Note the X and Y coordinates. Enter those coordinates in the offset field in gS.

Thanks a bunch Gwilki, appreciate the info.

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@Mickus You’re welcome. Lots of help here so don’t hesitate to pose questions.