Laser lenses which one

Which lens is the best for etching tile
And what are some of the other lenses used for. I have the 7 w laser from sienci

I have a different laser, but I’ll answer your question anyway. I like the G7 laser. It has a low power loss and a longer focus length.

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Thanks Paul I’m just
Getting started and been at it for about a couple of months and now try imagines on painted tile and wondering which lens would be better suited for that

I haven’t tried playing with tile yet, but I use the G7 for everything I have done and don’t see why it wouldn’t be good for the tile, too. I started using a G2 (or maybe G3) which has the lowest loss (i.e. transfers the most laser power) but it has to be very close to the work piece surface to be focused. G7 has slightly more loss, but can be focused on the work surface from around 2 to3" away, which I like.

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