Laser not coming on

Longmill 48 x 30, super longboard, new Sienci laser installation.

Trying to turn laser on and off through gsender command.

Laser doesn’t come on but driver, greenlights in super long board, laser fan,
come on and off as they should.
Get an error in gsender history saying not getting the gcode it needs. Error flag shows up in the small circle by “active” next to the gsender laser test area.

@woodstarshu Please post the error that you are seeing in gSender history and a screen cap of the error flag if you can.
Also, can you explain the steps you are taking to turn the laser on? It should not turn on when the machine is not in motion unless you are focusing it. (I appreciate that you may already know this.)

I have it resolved. i found the slb setup /laser documentation and the procedure worked. Thanks.