Laser order keeps getting pushed back?

Ok, i think I’ve been very patient as well as many other, I’m sure. But what is very upsetting is my Laser order keeps getting pushed back every time i check the status. Why are these not being shipped every day? Why was i told the first of Feb, then it went to the end of Feb and now it says end of March! i think it is wrong to collect our money and not give good reason why it’s taking so long!! At first i was ok with waiting till Feb, but now it’s getting very frustrating. This is not good customer service!

As many companies, they are having a hard time getting parts and supplies in.

@jcorman Welcome to the group, Jerry.

I truly sympathize and understand your frustration. I don’t speak for Sienci, but I do know that, like many other companies, they are experiencing crazy supply chain issues. That said, there will be an update on expected shipping dates coming out very shortly. I’m sure that you will find your wait worth it.

I get it, i really do, but go to their store and click on the laser and you will see that they are in stock?

@jcorman I understand, but if you click on that page to open the order page, there is a notice in big letters saying that delivery will be in 6-8 weeks.

In you haven’t found it yet, here is the page that will be the most up to date on processing and shipping schedules. It will fall behind at times, but generally, this is the page to watch.

It has been 18 weeks for me.