Laser Update Oct 2021

I’m sure everyone is busy! We have been waiting a lot longer than we all thought. I would like to see a status of your efforts say once a week or once every two weeks. Y certainly don’t want to push you affecting quality of your product. I simply want to know how your efforts are coming along.

Hey Gary,

We have a new update on the LaserBeam - just came out today!

I’ve sent Ikenna your feedback and we are planning to do more regular posts over the rest of the year. :grin:

Hey man I can’t open the link :frowning:

Welcome to the group, Jack.

I don’t know why you can’t open the link. I opened it on three different machines, running 4 different browsers. That said, it doesn’t help you at all.

You can see the announcement by going to, then choosing blog from the company drop down menu… This announcement is the first article in the blog.

Hey Kelly, thanks for your quick response and for passing along the message to ensure that Ikenna sees the laser topic message. Customers appreciate your prompt response to their inquires.

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