Linear guide on z axis

One of my linear guides jammed on me tonight. I’ve been cutting a lot of mdf lately and I guess I didn’t clean it enough. Anyway, I know you can’t take the guide apart because the bearings will fall out. Can I use something to lube it or should I just order a new set and replace as needed.

Try some PTFE on a rag to clean the guides. Might be good to have spare parts on hand. I would be interested in a list of critical and common wear parts.

You can take them apart, but I’d recommend having some spare ball bearings on hand. You can order them. 3/32" chrome. They don’t cost much and I can pretty much guarantee you will loose some when you take the bearings off the rails or when trying to get them back on (ask me how I know).

But first you might try blowing them out with air

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