List of Shipped Machines


Hi all, Chris here

This thread is starting in mid-July as the last several weeks have been very exciting for myself, Andy, and the rest of our team. We’ve now received more orders for our LongMill CNC in the last 2 months than the previous 10 months combined!

This is simply incredible to see, and now more than ever with all these orders coming in we want to ensure that every new machine that leaves our office in good 'ol Waterloo, Ontario reaches each of you in good order and to the quality that we hold for ourselves. I’m sorta the stickler here in the office for quality control, I love our machine so much that I ensure everyone holds the mindset that if it were them ordering the machine that they should feel they’d made a good and worthwhile purchase.

This thread will be used to keep y’all updated on the current state of all orders

Ramping up our processes and facilities to meet the new demand we’re seeing takes time and care and we don’t want to rush through that.

  • We’ve got a statement that is blue and bolded on the LongMill order page to catch peoples attention and let them know what they should expect if they’re considering ordering a machine; we’ve also got additional clarifications on the Cart page
  • Andy has been putting out monthly production updates with plenty of information on the specifics on our operation, here are the updates for May, June, July, September, October, November pt1., November pt2., January, Februrary, March, April.

For the latest expected lead time, please read our most recent updates. We also provide a lead time on the order page for the LongMill as well. Our production team meets on a regular basis to see if there need to be any changes to the lead time and our website is the most accurate source for this information.

If you have any questions and would like extra assistance, please feel free to get in touch with us here: Contact Us | Sienci Labs

Here are the list of orders in the order they’ll be fulfilled:

Batch 5

  1. #32591
  2. #32595
  3. #32596
  4. #32604
  5. #32605
  6. #32613
  7. #32617
  8. #32618
  9. #32621
  10. #32624
  11. #32630
  12. #32620
  13. #32631
  14. #32634
  15. #32635
  16. #32640
  17. #32641
  18. #32645
  19. #32649
  20. #32652
  21. #32656
  22. #32664
  23. #32667
  24. #32676
  25. #32681
  26. #32690
  27. #32713
  28. #32714
  29. #32720
  30. #32726
  31. #32730
  32. #32731
  33. #32736
  34. #32739
  35. #32740
  36. #32752
  37. #32753
  38. #32754
  39. #32755

I will be updating this thread as needed at a minimum every other day to keep y’all in-the-know about the current state of your order so that you can know when to expect it. It’s important to me that you all have access to this information.

Please ask any questions if I’ve missed anything or you’d like to know anything more.

Also, keep in mind that even once your machine is shipped we’ve seen shipping delays due to Covid that affect different customers seemingly at random, this is really outside of our control so if this something that you encounter then we’ll do our best to work with you and the shipping company to get your machine to you in good order.

Cheers guys!

Glimpse at most recent machines shipped: :slight_smile:

#32496 - Shipped Thursday July 29th
#32500 - Shipped Thursday July 29th
#32502 - Shipped Thursday July 29th
#32506 - Shipped Thursday July 29th
#32511 - Shipped Thursday July 29th
#32512 - Shipped Thursday July 29th
#32513 - Shipped Thursday July 29th
#32521 - Shipped Thursday July 29th
#32525 - Shipped Thursday July 29th
#32528 - Shipped Thursday July 29th
#32529 - Shipped Thursday July 29th
#32530 - Shipped Thursday July 29th
#32542 - Shipped Thursday July 29th
#32546 - Shipped Thursday July 29th
#32551 - Shipped Thursday July 29th
#32554 - Shipped Thursday July 29th
#32555 - Shipped Thursday July 29th
#32560 - Shipped Thursday July 29th
#32564 - Shipped Thursday July 29th
#32565 - Shipped Thursday July 29th
#32566 - Shipped Thursday July 29th
#32572 - Shipped Thursday July 29th
#32577 - Shipped Thursday July 29th
#32581 - Shipped Thursday July 29th
#32582 - Shipped Thursday July 29th
#32588 - Shipped Thursday July 29th
#32589 - Shipped Thursday July 29th


I really love that my order is not at the bottom. :rofl:

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25219 :clap::clap::clap: Thanks for the update.

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I have had my machine for over 3 months now, and know I made an excellent choice. Not only is the machine top notch, it’s communication and the work ethic of this company that make me super happy of my decision.

Thanks to all your employees and their hard work.


Aw man. I was 2 orders away from having mine shipped. :frowning: 25192

You’re nearly there Jeremiah :slightly_smiling_face:

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Got a beautiful enclosure just sitting here waiting. Keep up the good work. Thanks!

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Just ordered yesterday, [Order #25595] (July 14, 2020)]. Any idea on a timeline? Also your website said “in stock” kinda misleading but I’m still very much excited and think it will be worth the wait

Hey Skyler, as of now the timeline on all new orders still follows our most recent production update ( which is 6 weeks packing time.

Hehehe. I’m the 25341 order. Just on timeline. Hope to play with it next week. Thank Chris and Andy

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Hi all, I wanted to put out an update that I’m not thrilled about.

Yesterday I was informed that our inventory of 65mm router mounts and touch plates are short of what we need in order to ship up to order #25341 by Monday July 20th. Instead, only up to #25230 plus #25237 will be getting shipped.

The 65mm mounts were supposed to have been restocked yesterday but the new shipment has gotten stuck in customs. In response to this, Andy is putting in an expedited shipping request in hopes of getting the remaining amount we need by the end of next week. As soon as the mounts come in, we’ll be sending machines up to #25341 out.

The touch plates won’t be coming in until the last week of July but we’ll ship the machines up to #25341 regardless and ship the touch plates out to you separately. This way you can get up and running with your machine ASAP rather than waiting an extra week for the touch plate.

We’re still fulfilling orders #25233 to #25341 within the 4-week lead time estimate since these orders came in from June 29 to July 1 - but regardless I want to apologize since it’s my responsibility to give you all information that you can trust and rely on.

I’ve updated my original post to reflect this new update.

If you have any questions, I will be here to answer them.

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@GuillC I spent several hours looking up and down through our whole office trying to find more 65mm mounts but to no avail. I’d be so happy if I show up tomorrow or on Monday to find that the mount we’re waiting on have cleared customs

As a founder of this company I take responsibility for what happens. Sorry to you and the 18 others that will be waiting a bit longer

Having one of the affected orders, I appreciate the open communication and the work you are doing to avoid delays. On another note, I just stumbled upon this thread while looking around the forum, might be a good idea to let those with orders on this list know about this thread via email.


I’ve asked Ikenna to send an email out to all those affected early tomorrow. Thanks for the feedback Andrew :+1:

My order was 25176 and it got cancelled and changed for some reason which put me down to 25192. Why did I get bumped down the line?

Jeremiah I’ll speak with Andy about this in the morning and make sure it gets sorted

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Hi Jeremiah, I looked into your order and it looks that the original didn’t go through because there were issues processing the payment coming from your card. When you put the order through again it was successful, but every new order gets assigned a new order ID.

Your machine is on the shipping table today so it should be on its way out the door by the end of the day today


That’s strange bc I didn’t have any issues with the order. I used PayPal. Only ordered once. But thank you for the update!! :slight_smile:

21 more machines have gone out the door today! This includes your order too @Space :slight_smile:

Y’all should expect to receive an email with your tracking number so that you can follow your machines while they’re in transport

Happy Friday everyone :grin:

These are some of the machines that headed out the door today


Woohoo the excitement is overwhelming. :slight_smile: keep up the good work! Thanks guys!!!

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