Load file location still a mystery

I’ve just been running version 0.6.0 in windows 10. As with the most previous version, this one is very close to perfect for me. Version 5.8 would not allow me to add or edit macros - a big thing for me. This version does. Excellent. The one quibble that I still have is that, after running a tool path that is one of many in the same project, then clicking on “load file” to get the next file, gsender opens a folder completely unrelated to the previously-opened one. The weird thing is that it always opens the same folder. This is a folder that I opened a few versions ago, but have not opened now in weeks.

I am not competent to look at the source code to see why it is opening the folder that it does, but even though this is a very small thing, I would hope that it can be fixed in the final version.

I have written this up in a google doc.

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