LongBoard outputs voltage on "LOW" settings

I noticed all my problems are coming from the LongBoard outputting voltage despite being turned off. So if do M03 (clockwise, sets to “LOW”) it will read 0.43v. Is there something I am doing wrong here or is my board defective? It is a LongBoard 1. 4.3

Connecting the LongBoard to my HuanYang VFD has input terminals that connect to a digital ground that will read 1 if any voltage >0 is detected. These toggle the Start / Stop, Forward / Reverse, etc. commands on the VFD and will not work if the LongBoard is still outputting voltage.

If this cannot be fixed, this can probably be solved using some relays for 1v or something, but I would rather not have to.

Original post:

When I use M03 (clockwise) the user guide says it is supposed to set the voltage to HIGH which I assume they just mean “On” and it is 5v (multimeter measuring 4.91v). However M03 is setting it to “LOW” and M04 is setting it to “HIGH” so things are backwards. I have a Longboard Rev. 1.4.3.

Is this supposed to be like this?

@Blunderpunk , I’m not sure if you are still looking for an answer, but if you look in the forum for “resistor” you will find similar problems folks have had interfacing the LM PWM signals to their lasers. They resolved their problems by adding a resistor from +PWM to ground. The values I saw for the resistor was from 1K to 4.7K. Maybe it might help you.

@Blunderpunk Jordan: Did you get your issue squared away? If so, I will close this thread. Thanks.