Longmill 30x 48 scaling trouble

I can’t get the scaling right. I type 24 inch and i get about 1 inch. I don’t have something setup right. I just got my longmill a few days ago. Can somenoe tell me what I’m doing wrong please?

@Jimmy - First off welcome to the group. Great group here. If you need help just ask as you have done. Something to share please do so. Follow through on your questions and let us know if the responses fix your question.

Sounds like you are set up in milimeter. 1 inch in milimeter is 25.4mm.

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Yep! Sounds like you have your scale set to millimeters.

24mm = 0.9448818898 in. Rounded up, that would equal 1-inch.

That was my first thought too. I am trying to cut a circle with a diameter of 24 inches or 254 mm. When I type in 24 inches I get about 1 inch diameter. When I type in 254 mm I get approximately 10 inch diameter. I got something screwed up. My thoughts are I didn’t set something up right from the beginning. Although I don’t know what that might be. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Hey @Jimmy, it sounds like you’re set up with a design software of some type since gSender doesn’t have the ability to create circles. What is the software you’re looking for help with?

VCarve Pro 11
Thank You

In Vcarve Pro, your Job Setup panel requests you to choose Units of either inches or mm. Which have you chosen for that circle job?

inches. But the ruler to the right is in mm. As in "0, 200, 400, 600 and so on.


Since you say “inches” in Job Setup, then those ruler numbers are inches.

What numbers do you show in Job Setup for Width and Height?

24.0 W and 24 H and the ruler shows just under 24mm.

You want your Job Size to be close to your final part size. From what you’ve said about a 24 inch circle, that seems right.

Your rulers have no units indication on them. If your Job Setup is Inches, then your ruler reads in inches. You keep saying “mm”.

Perhaps that’s the problem? Without a file, I can’t tell much else. Can you upload your “.crv” file here?

.crv file? All I have been saving and loading in to gSender is .tap files. How do i save a .crv file? Please note it’s only once i load into gSender that The size is changed from 24inch to1 inch.


You said you use Vectric Vcarve Pro. The design file for that has an extension “.crv”

I sorry I’m a little slow with this.
I wasn’t thinking about just doing a file save.
So, I got the crv file but I can’t attach it.
I get this massage "Sorry, new users can not upload attachments.‘’
My trouble starts when I save the tool path and open it with gSender.

The conversion of the toolpaths into gcode in Vcarve may actually be your problem. You have to use the correct post processor in Vcarve when you save the toolpath.

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@Jimmy You are being well served by all the others here, but I have one question. What machine are you running?

Also, I believe - but I could be wrong - that you can send personal messages with attachments. If so, send me the crv and I will post it here for the others to look at. If you find that you can’t send it to me that way, I will send you my personal email address. One way or another, we’ll get you fixed up.

Longmill Benchtop CNC MK2 48 X 30
how do I know what the correct post processor is?

Thank You !!!
I was using the wrong post processor.
Sorry, I didn’t explain myself very well.
You guys were great. Thanks for keeping at it with me.
It’s all good now.


That revelation has hit us all at one time or other. Now let’s see that final part finished. :smiley:

@Jimmy I’m glad that you got things worked out. You should be using grbl inch in VCarve.

As you are up and running, I’ll close this topic.