LongMill 30x30 vs 48x30

Hi folks, new to this forum and to CNC routing. LongMill sells an extension kit that if I understand correctly will extend the LongMill 30x30 to 48" in the x axis. I don’t know if I need that big of a work space. If I buy a 30x30 and later decide I need the extension, the total cost will increase by about $62 vs buying the 30x48.
Is my thinking correct?

Hello @timjet, and welcome to the forums! I believe you are correct in your thinking as long as prices stay the same.

Don’t forget that you may need a bigger table depending on how big you build the original table if you go 30x30. Also don’t know if you plan on adding a laser. If you do add a laser you probably want to build an enclosure with an exhaust to get rid of fumes and that would need to be bigger as well.

That’s all I got, good luck and for what’s it’s worth I am very happy that I bought a LongMill. I have an original 30x30.

Thanks Michael for that info. I’ll buy the 30x30 and upgrade at a later time if need be. I’ll make the desktop large enough to accommodate the upgrade, thanks for that.

I just upgraded my MK2 30x30 to the 30x 48 and the cost was over $500 US. Did I check the wrong box or something?

The $62 dollars is what he would have saved by buying the 48x30 versus buying the 30x30 and the extension kit. I don’t think you missed anything Jim, just would have saved a little bit by buying the 48" in the first place.