Longmill MK2 48x30 Tramming

My tramming is off .9vmm in the Y direction and .3 mm in the X direction. What is considered acceptable?

I forgot to add this is in about 550 mm in each direction.

Go into Gsender and calibrate the XY movement. You should be able to get it to zero

@SeanH gSender does not adjust tramming.

Doesn’t it allow for movement tuning?

@SeanH It does, if you are referring to movement in the axes. The OP asked about tramming, though. gSender does not address that.

That said, @billsfan433 (Welcome to the group, Rod. :grinning:) it may be best to ensure that we are using the same terms. When you say that your tramming is off, how did you measure it?

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