Looking at a NEW, NEVER OPENED LongMill 30x30

Greetings! My first post! I am looking at a new, never opened 30x30 that a guy decided he wasn’t going to use. My question, and one that I sent Sienci customer support too, will the company provide technical support and help with construction, along with warrant the unit bought from another purchaser?

Looking around here, some folks did have construction issues, or a part that didn’t work. Can I get the same customer service as someone who buys one directly from the company?

Anyone care to chime in??

I have never owned a CNC before, but the LongMill 30x30 was already on the short list to purchase.
Thanks in advance, I greatly appreciate it!!!

@Jake Welcome to the group, Brian. As to your questions, I can confirm that the warranty does not transfer to you, the new owner. However, you will receive excellent support from Sienci techs and all those on this group regardless of where you bought your Mill. Sienci stands behind their machines. Period.

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